Water Pump Rotor | Water Pump Impeller | Hino EK100

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Name Feature
Material Cast Iron
Wings 7 (Seven) 4 (Four) whole
Brand U&T
Country Of Origin Made In Pakistan


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The Water Pump Impeller for the Hino EK100 model is a high-quality part that will boost the engine’s performance and longevity. The Water Pump Impeller is an essential cooling system component responsible for circulating coolant throughout the engine block and preventing overheating. The impeller is built of sturdy cast iron and has seven wings, ensuring efficient and dependable coolant circulation. As a major source of truck and bus parts in Pakistan, we provide this high-quality Water Pump Impeller for the Hino EK100 and other prominent commercial vehicle brands like Isuzu, Nissan, Daewoo, Dongfeng, Yutong, and Mazda.

The Water Pump Impeller in the U&T Brand is built to international standards and rigorously tested to ensure top-tier performance. It is the ideal replacement item to keep your Hino engine running at peak performance and extend the life of your vehicle. Whether you need a Water Pump Impeller for your Hino or any other commercial truck or bus, our team of in-house experts at China Truck Bus Parts in Lahore, Pakistan, can offer you the best solution at the most competitive price.

The primary indicators that an impeller requires replacement include: Weakened suction power and thrust A damaged impeller will be unable to create adequate suction and water discharge pressure. This reduces water flow. Worn-out or uneven impeller surface Over time, the impeller’s surface might wear down or become uneven, limiting its ability to convert energy into water flow. This lowers pump performance. Reduced water discharge A damaged impeller may alter the size of the impeller hole, causing the water discharge to decrease and be sluggish.

Blocked water flow Solid particles can adhere to impeller blades, preventing them from turning smoothly and impeding water flow. Unusual noises, such as grinding or whining, may indicate worn bearings or other internal difficulties with the water pump, frequently caused by an impeller problem. Leaks surrounding the water pump  Damage to the impeller or other internal components might cause coolant leaks, which must be repaired immediately. If you detect any of these symptoms with your Hino EK100 or other commercial vehicle’s water pump, have the impeller inspected and replaced if necessary to ensure appropriate engine cooling and avoid additional damage.


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