We Deal in All Types Of Chinese And Japanese Truck Bus Parts.

Get the Right Part at the Right Price for the Comfort of Your Vehicle

Introducing the Hino FD, a dependable and long-lasting option for truck and bus owners seeking high-quality parts. At China Truck Bus Parts, we take pride in providing a broad choice of parts to keep your vehicles running smoothly. We provide a wide range of cabin parts under the Hino FD category, such as lights, mirrors, indicators, ventilation glass locks, and more, to ensure your cabin remains functional and comfortable. Our selection of cooling parts includes everything from water pump assemblies and repair kits, ensuring proper engine temperature regulation for top performance.

We provide shock bushes, torque rod bushes, air cleaner boots, tie rod boots, gear lever boots, center rubber bearings, and other long-lasting rubber parts. When it comes to mounting parts, we have you covered with engine, gear, radiator, and cabin mountings built to withstand heavy-duty use. Our clutch parts range includes clutch lever fingers and kits that provide smooth and reliable clutch performance.

We offer air compressors, compressor kits, and heads to ensure your vehicle’s air system runs smoothly and reliably. All our items undergo rigorous laboratory testing to ensure they meet OEM requirements. When choosing China Truck Bus Parts, you select quality and dependability for your truck and bus requirements.