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Welcome to China Truck Bus Parts, the premier wholesaler of high-quality truck and bus parts. Among our vast product line, we proudly present the Hino FG1J series, known for its durability and reliability in transportation. Our inventory under the Hino brand offers a complete selection of cabin components, cooling parts, rubber parts, mounting parts, clutch parts, and compressor parts specifically designed for the Hino FG1J series. We provide lighting solutions, mirrors, indications, ventilation, and glass locks to ensure drivers’ visibility and safety. Our cooling components include radiator fans and water pump assemblies, designed to manage engine temperature and properly ensure top performance.

Regarding rubber parts, we provide shock bushes, torque rod bushes, air cleaner boots, tie rod boots, gear lever boots, and centre rubber bearings designed to endure the demands of heavy-duty applications. Our mounting parts include engine, gear, Qadri, cabin, and radiator mounts that have been precisely developed to assure solid and secure installations, increasing vehicle longevity and performance. Furthermore, our clutch parts, such as clutch lever fingers and kits, ensure smooth and reliable operation, critical for fluid gear transfers and a good driving experience.

Furthermore, our compressor parts, such as air compressors, compressor kits, and compressor heads, are designed to provide ideal air pressure and performance, critical for various pneumatic systems in Hino FG1J trucks. At China Truck Bus Parts, quality comes first. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm, we adhere to the highest manufacturing and testing standards. Our products undergo extensive laboratory testing to verify they meet OEM standards, ensuring authenticity and dependability with every transaction.