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The Radiator Fan is a crucial part of a vehicle’s cooling system, used to regulate engine temperature by cooling down the radiator. It works by drawing air through the radiator to disperse the heat produced by the engine during operation. Its primary purpose is to keep the engine from overheating, which can cause major damage and performance concerns. The fan maintains the engine’s optimal operating temperature by efficiently cooling the radiator, resulting in smooth and reliable operation.
Our Radiator Cooling Fan, offered under the H2O-COOL and Coolex brands, is made of high-quality Poly Fiber Material, ensuring durability and dependability under extreme situations. Our products are rigorously tested in laboratories to ensure that they satisfy the highest quality and performance standards. At China Truck Bus Parts, we sell these Fans for a variety of trucks and buses, including Hino, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Daewoo, Dongfeng, Yutong, Faw, Higer, Sino, and others. Customers can rely on our genuine products to ensure the lifetime and effectiveness of their vehicle’s cooling system, resulting in peak engine performance and road reliability.
These fans prevent the engine from overheating. When the engine reaches a specific temperature, the fan automatically turns on to increase airflow over the radiator, which helps to cool the engine coolant that circulates through the system. This procedure is critical for maintaining ideal operating temperatures and protecting engine parts. In buses and trucks, this fan is normally powered by the vehicle’s electrical system and controlled by the engine’s cooling system management unit or a separate fan control module. It can be activated automatically based on engine temperature or manually by the driver under certain circumstances.