We Deal in All Types Of Chinese And Japanese Truck Bus Parts.

Get the Right Part at the Right Price for the Comfort of Your Vehicle

Dongfeng Body Parts provides an extensive selection of parts to improve the vehicle’s appearance, security, and performance. This lineup includes a wide range of subcategories that have been painstakingly designed to satisfy the highest performance and quality requirements.
LED lighting solutions provide efficient and priced road illumination, guaranteeing maximum visibility under all circumstances. Indicators and corner lights improve road safety by giving necessary signaling capabilities. Not only do bumpers protect the outside of your vehicle, but they also add to its elegant look.
Side mirrors provide vital visibility for the driver, while ventilation glass locks maintain enough airflow and security within the vehicle. The front and back mirrors provide Comprehensive coverage, enabling confident maneuvering in any circumstance. We proudly offer these Dongfeng Body Parts at China Truck Bus Parts. They are all produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. Every product is put through a rigorous laboratory testing process to ensure that it meets OEM requirements and is reliable and long-lasting.